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About Jill Grenevitch


Jill Grenevitch is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CHt), consultant, and trainer. She has been an adult learning expert and facilitator for over a decade and knows how the adult mind works. Using advanced hypnotherapy techniques, Jill helps clients accelerate results, particularly in the areas of managing stress and anxiety, increasing self-confidence, eliminating self-sabotage, boosting business/sales success, relieving pain, and more.  She is a regular speaker/instructor at local high schools, business meetings, community groups, and continuing education classes.  Feel free to contact her at 662.643.3410 for information and scheduling.

Jill takes a confidential, client-centered approach to hypnotherapy, learning about her clients on an individual basis, and consulting with them to identify their goals, challenges, and expectations. She helps her clients identify the gaps between where they are now and where they want to be, then collaborates with them to develop a customized plan to achieve quick and effective results. Jill works at a pace that's comfortable for her clients, so that they can experience positive breakthroughs from the very first session. Following treatment, clients have new skills and techniques that enable them to maintain and further their progress.

Jill has received advance training in the following diploma programs and is able to assist her clients with:

Professional Certification and Organizations

Jill is a graduate of the Clinical Hypnosis Institute. Clinical Hypnosis Institute is a Michigan state licensed school teaching Basic Hypnotherapy, Advanced Hypnotherapy, and Hypno-analysis. They are one of only a handful of schools that offer advanced hypnotherapist credentialing in Medical Hypnotherapy.

Jill is an active and certified member of the following professional organizations:

The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association® (IMDHA) is the largest Hypnosis organization focusing on Hypnosis and Health Care. Founded in 1986, IMDHA members take a team approach to working with physicians, dentists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other healthcare practitioners to promote and utilize hypnosis as a complementary protocol with broad applications for physical and psychological health.

The International Association of Counselors and Therapists(IACT) is the premier association servicing complimentary healthcare practitioners worldwide. IACT's membership includes medical practitioners, psychologists, clinical social workers, stress consultants, NLP practitioners, clergy, licensed massage therapists, hypnotherapists, biofeedback specialists, nutritionists, educators, mental health therapists, substance abuse counselors and others in the helping, healing arts.